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About Us

viemaa is a global lifestyle brand transforming the beauty landscape. Our “WOW” factor goes beyond premium products, it’s the transformative journey we share with every user.  Every drop ignites radiance, from luscious locks to life decisions starting the moment you buy. viemaa isn’t just a brand; it’s an invitation to unveil a brighter, more rejuvenated self.

We stand as a beacon for sustainable, clean, and easy-to-use effective hair solutions that not only revive strands but also uplift souls. With every product, we're taking steps toward better hair and a better world.

Born from Hardwork, Passion & Love

viemaa is a women-owned, minority-owned brand driven by a mission to assist every user achieve their highest & truest expression of themselves. We create effective & sustainable products, delivering affordable, functional, prestige hair care products for daily use.

Brand Position

#1 Solution for Hair Life

viemaa is a high-performing, prestige line of clean, vegan, gluten free, cruelty-free haircare products made with the finest ingredients & is dermatologist tested for daily hair revitalization.

 Fresh. Clean. Fun.

Brand Priorities

What Makes Us Different

viemaa recognizes different hair types, each presenting its own unique beauty and specific concerns. Our products are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse needs while ensuring each product feels tailor-made.

We’re not just hair care, we’re viemaa care.

Brand Promise

Give life, health and vitality to every strand.

viemaa is manifesting a world where healthy, vibrant hair becomes a powerful symbol of empowerment, confidence, self-care & self-expression, all while making a positive impact.

viemaa products are naturally derived, ethically sourced & dynamically crafted with clean ingredients to nourish, repair & strengthen hair from root to tip.

We are committed to giving life to hair & helping every strand & every person realize their full potential.


Taking time for self-care improves our mood, our outlook & ultimately enhances our overall life quality. It realigns us to our core, enabling us to give our best to the world around us.

We believe we can make a difference. Not only to how hair looks, feels, & performs. But also in our world, making it better through our “Save a Strand Save a Soul” social program.

Social Responsibility

INGREDIENTS: Our ingredients are gluten free, vegan and sustainably sourced. We are EU compliant and use clean ingredients with no harmful formulas.

PACKAGING: We use recyclable packaging and encourage our tribe to recycle after use.

CRUELTY-FREE: Our products are cruelty-free, good for wildlife & our environment. No product is tested on animals.

SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS: Our social program, “Save A Strand, Save A Soul”, provides women & orphans with social & educational opportunities in underprivileged parts of the world.

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